“I was in a wheelchair crossing 163rd street when I was struck by a Hummer. I came to see Dr. Dvorkin 2 days later unable to walk without the use of a walker, and could not stand up without assistance. After 2 months of care WITHOUT the use of Drugs or Surgery I did not need any assistance to walk or stand. I feel like I have my Life Back. “ - H.F

“I just moved to Miami after living in Israel the past few years. I have been getting daily Headaches, as well as Neck and Shoulder pain that was radiating down my left arm. After 2 ½ weeks of care with Dr. D I am no longer getting headaches, and am finally sleeping through the night without pain.” -C.S

“For the past 3 years I have experienced significant Low Back Pain as well as Sciatica and Neuropathy. I was constantly living in pain and taking harmful Medications. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Dvorkin and after the very first visit of getting Acupuncture and my Spine Adjusted, I immediately felt relief and knew that this is the right choice for my health.” -K.F

“I was recently in an automobile accident, and my attorney sent me to Dr. Dvorkin for treatment. I could barely turn my head, due to the constant spasm and neck pain, as well as my shoulders and upper back. After 3 weeks of Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic I can now say I no longer have pain from my Car Accident.” -S.L

“I was 34 weeks pregnant when I slipped and fell at my College. I didn’t think much of it and did not seek treatment. After giving birth a few weeks later, I realized I was experiencing more and more pain in my lower back and neck that was from the fall. Time was not helping at all, rather it was getting worse. At the recommendation of a friend, I saw Dr. D and I could not move my neck more than a few degrees upon my first visit, and could not even bend down to lift my baby. I have been getting treatment for a little more than 3 weeks now, and I am 75% better in all areas.” -S.D

Dr. Zachary Dvorkin, Chiropractic Physician
Testimonials from our patients
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